Individual Therapy

We invite those who would like to better understand themselves, to function better in the society, to get rid of annoying habits or to develop oneself through therapy, as well as those who suspect themselves to suffer from; personality disorders, mood disorders (depression, feeling low), fear disorders (fear, phobias, compulsions, anxiety attacks), eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia), addiction, sexual disfunctions, stress, adjustment disorders or post-traumatic stress syndrom.

We offer two forms of individual therapy

Short-term therapy in which we concentrate on the problem suggested by theClient and we work on its solution. This method is directed to persons with a specific difficulty and would like to improve or change that aspect of their lives. Usually, in short-term therapy, the problem is solved in 8 to 20 sessions.

Long-term therapy is a cycle of meetings where we explore with the Client the problematic areas of life and together we attempt to improve its quality. See who conducts individual therapy in Przystań Psychologiczna.