Przystan Psychologiczna was created to deliver high quality of mental health services, at reasonable prices. Our therapists are passionate people for whom their work is a challenge, a curiosity, and a reason for personal progress. PP is a TEAM, not just in name. We meet regularly to develope programs for our clients from all points of view.

Our clients come to us from various parts of the country, and from abroad.  

We help people to feel better, change their attitude, get rid of their anxiety, deal with painful past so they can live the life they want. We are professionals, providing full discretion and anonymity.


Warsaw Centre, Plac Konstytucji 6/42

Warsaw Ursynów, Al. KEN 36a lok.u3

Individual Therapy

We invite those who would like to better understand themselves, to function better in the society, to get rid of annoying habits or to develop oneself through therapy, as well as those who suspect themselves to suffer from; personality disorders, mood disorders (depression, feeling low), fear disorders (fear, phobias, compulsions, anxiety attacks), eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia)...

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Children Psychologist

Child psychologist diagnoses problems and disorders in childrens and adolescents, as well as parental counselling....

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of psychological help, which supports not only a person in difficulty (ie. child), but also its family. It is ususal that the behaviour of the person requiring psychological/psychiatric help influences relations between all family members, and the family also has a significant influence on success of individual therapeutic process....

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Occasionally, ordinary daily functions are more and more difficult. Such situations appear in majority of people at some point of their lives. For psychiatric help, people turn when those difficulties are beginning to be unbearable.

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Our team

Monika Mrozińska
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